USA Dance (Roanoke Valley) Chapter #6036


The chapter collection of dance music and video dance lessons is available to members only for 2-week checkouts.

Dance Music

A $10 refundable deposit for CD's is required for a two week rental for each CD.

1Gold Standard 2Q,W,F,TRoss Mitchell
2Gold Latin 2C,Sa,RRoss Mitchell
3Music of the HeartMg,Sa,CSound Track for the Movie
4Slow Waltz CollectionWKlaus Hallen
5StandardW,T,V,F,QWayne & Marie Crowder
6The Kings of SwingSw,JVarious
7The Werner Tauber Modern CollectionW,T,F,QVarious
8Hot Latin & SwingSw,M,HVarious
9Christina AguileraC,BChristina Aguilera
10Strictly Slow WaltzWNew 101 Strings Orchestra
11The Best of Ballroom Music Part 3W,T,V,W,F,QCasa Musica
12Sound LoadedSw,Sa,R,CRicky Martin
1325 Top WaltzesWVarious
14Tito PuenteC,M,R,BTito Puente & His Orchestra
15Orquesta GuayacanMOrquesta Guayacan
16JLOSa,C,MJennifer Lopez
17Steve VecchiFSteve Vecchi
Key: B = Bolero, C = Cha-Cha, F = Foxtrot, H = Hustle, J = Jive,

M = Mambo, Mg = Merengue, Q = Quick Step, R = Rumba,

Sa = Samba, Sw = Swing, T = Tango, V = V. Waltz, W = Waltz

Dance Video List

The chapter collection of dance videos is available to members only for a $2 charge and a $10 refundable deposit.




American Rumba - Beginner

Box step, Underarm right turn, 5th position break, Cuban walks, Open Cuban walks


Tango – Beginner



International Rumba - Beginner

instructors - Corky and Shirley Ballas

Body, feet and arm positions, Basic, Fan, Alemana, Hockey stick, Forward and backward walks


American Cha Cha - Bronze level (beginning-intermediate)

instructor - Ron Montez

Basic in place, Side basic, Progressive basic, Outside partner, Crossover break, Demo

Crossbody lead, Open break underarm turn

Chase turn, Shoulder check, Shadow positions, Demo

Butterfly, Alternating underarm turns, Crossbody pull back, Three cha chas, Crossover flick to side break, Demo


East Coast Swing - Bronze level (beginning to intermediate)

instructor - Ron Montez

Basic, Basic turning to the right, Basic turning to the left, Throwout, Underarm turn, Demo

Underarm release from basic, Tuck-ins: a) handshake b) right to left c) double hand, Alternating underarm turns, Shoulder check, Cradle, Demo

Cradle to hammerlock, Sugar push throw out, Double face loop, Opposition break and roll out, Whirlpool, Demo


American Waltz - Bronze level (beginning to intermediate)

instructors- Jim and Jenell Maranto

Introduction: posture, poise, movement and dance hold.

Syllabus figures: Box with underarm turn, Balance steps - forward, back, & side, Simple twinkle, Progressive, Quarter turning box - left and right, Demo

Two way underarm turn, Face to face, back to back, 3/8 turn combination, Progressive twinkles, Turn combo with underarm turns, Demo

Turning twinkles, Grapevine, Promenade chasse', Fallaway and rock, Twinkle and weave, Demo


Foxtrot – Beginner/Intermediate

Basic step, Promenade walk, Left turn, Swing step, Grapevine, Step combinations


Argentine Tango - Beginner/Intermediate

Common basic, El Ocho, Rock Con Giro (rock turn) , Passos Con Las Cruces (passes with crosses) , Break and Fall Away, Boleo, El Gancho, Los Abanicos (the fan) , Las Patadas (the kicks) , La Crusada Sorpresa (the surprise check) , La Amorada, El Gaucho, The Seperation, La Cobra, Los Pivotes (the pivots)


Bolero – Intermediate

(instructor - Ron Montez)

Check and circular walks, Romantic sways, Checked underarm pass, Spot turn combinationcHip twist and spin, Spanish arms, Cradle corkscrew, Syncopated walk and ronde', Right side pass, side by side rock, Oversway, lunge and rock


Ballroom Dance – International Championships

Latin demos, Latin finals, Latin demos, Ensemble dance medley, Modern demos, Modern finals, Modern demos, Ensemble dance medley


International Bronze Tango by Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

International Bronze Tango

12International Bronze Foxtrot by Victor Veyrasset & Heather Smith

International Bronze Foxtrot

13International Beginning Level Cha Cha by Corky & Shirley Ballas.

International Beginning Level Cha Cha